One more day, one less life…

My name is Jun Jaracce, I am the second general of the Hydrith Imperial Legion, and I already have fifty-four winters behind me. My men affectionately know me as “Captain Fortune,” a trait that seems to have accompanied me to this day, and has brought luck to all those under my command. I have spent more than forty years going back and forth from one battlefield to another, without faltering or fearing defeat. I have campaigned through the dark and enchanted forests of Baldan Corlach, I have scorched myself in the Ersalian campaigns, I have quelled the revolts of proud ancient Verlocce, and I have fought in waist-deep water in the thousand-cursed swamps of Kelsh. I have fought tavern brawls in the cities of Cudbaton Lordship, and have fought for life and death against unspeakable-looking creatures in Taurya.

Once again I find myself on a cold, wet and foggy morning, mounted on the back of my powerful war horse from Wrendel. Wielding my trusty and loyal elven spear, protected by my strong runic scale armor, and listening to the rhythmic sound of the horns, trumpets and drums of my host. Thousands of splendid and beautiful imperial flags fly proudly, defying the weather, the environment and the enemy. It already seems that the fog is lifting, taking its time as if it were asleep, revealing a small but compact army of Wulkian men and women. They are waiting for us, and although without a doubt our army is much larger than theirs, it is better equipped, and we also enjoy the blessing of our glorious emperor, I do not see fear in the eyes of those Wulkians.

It is now that, briefly reflecting, I realize that the armor is too heavy for me, the cold numbs my muscles, and fatigue clouds my vision. While on the contrary I only glimpse iron determination in the eyes of those my enemies. All of this makes me think that today will probably be the last day I ride my horse, wield my spear, and wear my armor. Today will most likely be the last day that I shout to my men:

Go ahead my children! Let’s go for the kingdoms of Yrhia!

Character Compendium:

By race, by kingdom of origin and by profession. Don’t miss all his spells.

Why Wyrd?


My name is Guille and at 50 years old I have committed the madness of creating a role-playing game. Yes, you read correctly, if life is not complicated enough on its own, I have taken another small step and made it even more complicated for myself.

If I remember correctly, I started playing role-playing when I was 12, and I haven’t stopped since. Throughout all these years you can imagine that I have tried and enjoyed countless role-playing games, and I still continue doing so every week with my friends. Maybe I see myself playing when I’m 80 years old, enjoying as if it were the first day, playing a knight, a barbarian or a sorcerer. Maybe I’ll do it as long as I can spin the dice on the table.

Throughout all this time I found game systems that were not understandable to me, with confusing rules, or that were too simplistic and left no room for development. With game dynamics, which were not the best for my taste. These failures and the extensive experience as a player and master are what encouraged me to develop my own system and setting. A task that has been enormous and has taken up nearly five years of my life. It has been a long road from the initial sketches and rules to the final version that is presented on this portal. Thanks to my fellow players, a game system has been tested and polished that has proven to be functional and open, a perfected and proven dynamic.

However, Wyrd has transformed into a huge and almost endless monster, the great seven-headed hydra. The more material was generated, the more was imagined. For every new page of content that was written, three new ones emerged in the form of ideas. So what was initially going to consist of a single book or game manual, today encompasses a project of at least 11 volumes. A huge amount of material, which is developed every day with the firm intention of being published in its entirety, for the enjoyment of all those players who decide to make this game world their own.

And why Wyrd?…

…Well, simply, because I enjoy and will enjoy imagining a world in which a role-player can spend hours and hours playing with his friends.

What are the kingdoms PDF books?


These pdf books describe in detail each of the kingdoms included in Wyrd. For this, a specific description of its population is made, the general appearance of the human inhabitants, the languages ​​spoken, ancient and recent history, the prevailing regime and its internal politics, and the relationships they maintain with other kingdoms. Special importance is also given to the regions into which each territory is divided, the most relevant personalities and the places of interest that can be found.

But not only that, the generation of the kingdoms goes one step further, trying to enrich the game to achieve a much greater experience.

For this reason, regional modifiers have been generated, which replace the realm generics indicated in the Wyrd core book. This personalizes each adventurer’s creation even more if possible.

Additionally, regional elite units are represented, that is, the best-known elite troops or groups in the kingdoms of Yrhia. Making it possible for adventurers to enter them, as long as the established requirements are met, and stating the benefits that are received by achieving this. As well as a representation of the promotion hierarchy in these units, through which the adventurer can promote over time.

Finally, exclusive material is also included regarding specific religious cults if any, and it is shown that other races or complex societies can be encountered, or even played as adventurers.

This is how kingdom-specific pdf books reveal themselves as extraordinary material to expand our Wyrd universe.


PDF Books

About Wyrd

Wyrd is a new dimension in role-playing games.



A character creation system, game mechanics and an atmosphere that captures you from the first moment.



A functional and very diverse concept that ensures an enormous breadth of characters.



The definitive medieval-fantasy role-playing game.